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Make your life easier by learning day to day technology.
Are you tired of relying on your kids for basic day-to-day tasks, like a simple mobile recharge or booking a cab, even when the phone in your hand is capable of doing all this and much more in just a click? What if we told you that within a month you can go from “beta, can you help me with my mobile recharge” to “beta, let me know if you need my help with tech”. Give us just 45 minutes out of your day and we promise you would never have to wait for help again!

You Will Learn How To

Use day-to-day technology

Use technology to do monthly tasks

Use technology to do yearly tasks

What People Say

Taking BAQUA Edutech classes has completely changed my life!! I no longer need to be dependent on my kids for the small technical assistance. I recommend taking these classes.

Rajiv Sharma

My daughter gifted me this course for my birthday and I will be eternally grateful to her for this. I never would have thought I'd be able to use technology so easily. Now my kids and husband come to ME for help.

Anjli Arora

I love this feeling of independence that BAQUA Edutech has given me! The instructors are so supportive and friendly. This was the best decision of my life!

Mohan Mathur

    Why Choose us?

    World’s First-Ever technical classes designed specially to ease the use of daily technology with the purpose of making Indian parents independent.
    Interactive live sessions conducted by experts to give you the best learning experience. All of our teachers are rigorously trained to give you the best learning experience. Hands-on practice to give you the confidence and independence that you want.
    Budget friendly prices starting as low as ₹218 Per Class for group learning and ₹900 for individual learning.
    We provide home-like learning environment so that you feel comfortable resuming your learning journey even if it is after a long gap.


    We have divided our course into 3 modules, consisting of 15 classes each. You can choose to enroll for 15, 30 or 45 classes. The maximum duration of the entire course can be up to 3 months if you choose to sign up for all the modules.
    In the first module, we teach how to make your life easier by helping you do your daily chores using technology.
    For example: Ordering groceries, food and medicines, booking cabs, doing mobile recharges, making payments through your phone, downloading apps, building social media presence, using your phone functionalities etc.
    In the second module we will cover monthly tasks such as booking your doctor’s appointment, booking airline and train tickets, paying your electricity and gas bills etc.
    The third module covers tasks such as applying for or renewing your passport, Aadhar card, pan card etc. online and trading in cryptocurrency and stocks. It also includes using your social media presence to help expand a business, and apply for bank loans and insurance.
    We offer refund on pro-rata basis within 15 days of enrollment. Post this time period, no refund shall be processed.
    Group Learning, as the name suggests, is a batch-wise class. In group learning you get to learn with other like-minded people like yourself and also bring your peers! This option is best if you’re looking for an economical option. Group Leaning starts as low as ₹218 per class.
    Individual Learning, on the other hand, is a one-on-one session with the instructor. This option is suitable for people looking for personal attention.
    The answer is YES, YOU CAN!! We have a referral policy in which you get to study for FREE if you get 7 of your peers to enroll with us. In this referral policy, you get ₹500 for every successful enrollment you bring to us. This helps you earn while you learn!!
    Do not worry at all. Even though our instructors are well qualified and will help you clear any doubt that you might have, we also have a helpline number exclusively for our students that you can get assistance from. Our highly dedicated team will give you real-time solutions for any technical difficulty you face.
    It’s great to see you take your first step towards technical independence! In case of any difficulty, feel free to call us at +91- 9560216016 for any assistance

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